Inflıxımab ELISA (mAb-based)

Enzyme immunoassay for the specific and quantitative determination of free Infliximab (Remicade®, Remsima®) in human serum and plasma.

The solid phase (MTP) is coated by a highly specific monoclonal antibody directed against Infliximab. Therefore any cross reactivity to the other therapeutical monoclonal antibodies is excluded.

Reference: IG-AB101

Barcode: 8682754930035

Legal Status: CE-Mark

Intended Use: This kit has been developed for the measurement of drug levels in research and diagnostic uses. It is suitable for Therapeutical Drug Monitoring (TDM) purposes.

Assay Design:

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Quality Control Certificates

Remicade® is a trademark of Janssen Biotech, Inc./Merck & Co.

Remsima® is a trademark of CellTrion Inc.

Required Volume (µL) 10
Incubation Time (min) 100
Sample Serum or Plasma
Package Size 96
Standard Range (ng/mL, 10x) 0-1500
Sensitivity (ng/mL) 3
Spike Recovery (%) >95
Shelf Life (years) 2